Who We Are

Cascina La Commenda is located near Cuneo, in the heart of Piedmont, between the Maritime Alps and the Langhe.

Located 2 km from Peveragno, “the town of strawberries and small fruits”, in the small agricultural village of Santa Margherita, we welcome our guests in a large family farmhouse, now renovated with respect for its ancient origins.

Here you can enjoy the tranquillity and charm of country life with all the comforts of unique hospitality, characterised by warmth and a smile.

Whether you’re planning a holiday, a short break from your daily commitments, working remotely or passing through on business, Cascina La Commenda is the ideal place to experience an authentic and rejuvenating stay, where peace, tranquillity and unspoilt nature await you.

Welcome to Cascina La Commenda!

Our story as told by a guest of honour

You can discover our history and our hospitality through the words of one of our most important guests: the journalist, writer and gourmet Edoardo Raspelli, who described us as follows:

“It was dad’s dream, who had bought piece by piece the land around his already quite large and laborious farm, but his agriturismo had to be comfortable, panoramic and quiet. Today, the sisters Claudia and Mariangela Peano welcome you with discretion, love and professionalism in a place where the term “agriturismo” is an understatement, a small masterpiece, ideal for a relaxing stay.

In the morning, don’t miss the sumptuous ritual of breakfast, where you’ll find all sorts of delicacies, including homemade jams and marmalades, local cheeses and homemade sweets, which make this place a showcase for all the beauty and goodness of this corner of Piedmont.”

Cascina La Commenda

The agriturismo Cascina la Commenda, whose name dates back to the sixteenth century, was born from the union and careful restoration of ancient buildings belonging to different historical periods, during which various farming and breeding families succeeded one another.

The porch and Casa Perela

The porch dates from the early 1900s and is used as a covered parking area for motorcycles, while Casa Perela, which houses the rooms of our farmhouse, was built in the late 1950s.

Saletta Lalla

Our veranda-winter garden, where you can relax with a steaming herbal tea and admire the chain of mountains surrounding the agriturismo.
Just a few steps away is our oven, where we bake bread, cakes and beans every morning.
The historic well next to our house provides water for all the greenery of the farmhouse.

The courtyard and the solarium

The group of buildings overlooks a large courtyard where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the farmhouse under the fragrant lime trees; in the nearby meadow you can make use of a small outdoor gym and barbecue area. Outside the fence, in a very discreet area surrounded by hedges, there is a solarium with comfortable sun loungers and a shower.

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On arrival at the agriturismo you will also meet our donkey, Geraldine, the two Border Collies, Kira and Fido, who are the real hosts, and all the cats of the farmhouse who are looking for a cuddle.

All pets are welcome!

Cascina La Commenda is a Farm


The areas dedicated to production

Cascina La Commenda is a farm of about 20 hectares, 8 of which surround the farmhouse. The land is dedicated to the cultivation of wheat and maize, as well as some ancient and indigenous cereals used in the production of flour for bread, cakes, biscuits and polenta.


Rediscovering seasonality

The farm has a small orchard and a vegetable garden that provide fresh fruit throughout the year, including apples, peaches, plums, blueberries, raspberries and the famous Peveragno strawberries, for the preparation of jams and preserves, and local vegetables (tomatoes, peppers and aubergines) for delicious dishes.

Garden and woods

Aromatic herbs and wild resources

Adjacent to the kitchen is our aromatic herb garden, while the nearby woodland provides us with chestnuts and firewood every autumn.

We believe that authenticity is fundamental to our health and to the flavour of our products, and we have great respect for the cycle of the seasons and the biodiversity of our territory.

The same philosophy applies in the kitchen, where we return to the recipes of the past, using simple ingredients to create tasty, inviting and healthy dishes.

Our Shop

Cultivated with respect for nature and a love of ancient farming techniques, each fruit from our land embodies a heritage of genuine and nutritious flavours handed down from generation to generation.

That’s why in our shop, which is open every day until 12.00 noon and from 4.00 to 8.00 pm, you can find stone-ground wheat and corn flour from local mills, some typical biscuits such as “paste d’melia” and “brut e bun”, hazelnuts, jams and pickled vegetables made on the farm and, during the summer season, fruit and vegetables from our own production.

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