Bollito misto

Bollito misto (mixed boiled beef) is the culinary triumph of the prized Piedmont cattle and has always been the dish of the winter feast. Seven cuts of meat cooked with vegetables and herbs are served on hot plates with sauces and vegetables. The obligatory ones are “bagnetto verde” and “bagnetto rosso”, agliata, bee sauce and […]

Bagna cauda

Bagna cauda is one of the first dishes that come to mind when we think of traditional Piedmontese cuisine. It is a typical and, above all, convivial autumn and winter dish: a sauce made of oil, anchovies, garlic, butter and milk, in which seasonal vegetables such as peppers, lettuce, cardoons, potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes are […]

Cuneesi with rum flavour

Cuneo, city of chocolate. The most famous Piedmontese chocolate, after giandujotto, is the Cuneese with rum flavour. Two meringue wafers filled with chocolate cream and rum, covered in a thin layer of dark chocolate.